About Queen City Yoga

Our highly-trained teachers will guide you through postures to reshape and heal your body from head to toe. Come find out why everyone is talking about Queen City Yoga.

MARLA Thomas


Marla found yoga after a diagnosis of PTSD and Eating Disorder NOS. She immediately felt relief from chronic depression and self loathing and began to save her own life.  She is dedicated to helping all students on their journey to health and happiness with this yoga prescription.  She is happy to make you laugh and smile while you sweat it all out.


Inferno Hot Pilates      July 2018

Jess Ripley

Studio Manager

Jess has been in love with the Bikram Method ever since her first class in 2008. Her consistent yoga practice supported her completion of a BA in International Business & helped her survive two years of office life. Jess started teaching at QCY as soon as it opened. She loves sharing this amazing practice and helping people experience the life changing benefits that follow. When she is not in the hot room, you'll can find Jess outside gardening or in the mountains!

500 HOUR CERTIFICATION   December 2015

Alex Furdon and Shiel Worcester


Meet Alex and Shiel! You will find them at the front desk or sweating next to you in class. They are here to help you sign in, register, find your way and get you what you need. If they don't know the answer to your questions they will find someone who does. Feel free to ask our front desk a question at hello@queencityogavt.com.

Mindy Elmergreen

Senior Instructor

Mindy is always up for a physical challenge; pulling her kids across town on her bike, exploring the Green Mountains or standing on one leg in Bikram Yoga. She was hooked on the yoga and its instant therapeutic benefits after her first class in college in 2001. With two knee surgeries,TMJ induced migraines and birthing three children, Bikram Yoga continues to be a constant source of healing and light in her life - bringing mental clarity, physical strength, self compassion and stress relief. Mindy will encourage you to be the best version of yourself through her passionate teaching!

500 Hour Certification      November 2002

Denise Smith

Senior Instructor

Hailing from St. Albans, Denise found yoga in 2002. She soon opened a studio in her home town which she operated for 7 years. Denise ran her business through all of the ups and downs in her life; an engagement in Paris, wedding on Mt. Philo, 3 child births, the loss of her parents, managing 2nd jobs and moving. After selling her studio, QCBY is thrilled to welcome Denise. Her knowledge, humor and great understanding of yoga and life will have you at Pranyama. 

500 Hour Certification    June 2003


Senior Instructor

Jessica began Bikram Yoga in December of 2001 as another way to "get in shape." Little did she know, this yoga would be the foundation for becoming the best person version of herself beyond the amazing physical benefits it provided. She credits the yoga for introducing her to the unconditionally loving and supportive yoga community, who has been there with her for all the laughter, tears, joy and pain, of the last 14 years.


Heidi Dessert


Yes, like the after dinner meal. Heidi came to us from Massachusetts to study nursing. A dedicated yogi and a lover of nature, she has taught across the country and in Europe. Raised with her twin and younger brother, a survivor of a life changing TBI, by a single mom, Heidi brings genuineness, compassion and perseverance to her classes. She will lead you through class with her steady understanding and if you listen carefully, you'll hear a little Mass accent.


Alex Sturges


After a childhood filled with allergies and a bout of severe pneumonia, Alex's doctor prescribed Bikram Yoga.  Since she couldn't breathe, she couldn't run, so she took the prescription and it changed her life.  Helping her make it through college, the yoga became her way of life.  Alex does everything with 100% dedication and compassion.  If you look closely you'll see a tiny key by her knee cap.  Yes, lock your knee.

500 Hours Certification      October 2016



A Clinical Social Worker and single mom of 2, Debra found this yoga method in 2001. She is a ‘helper’ by trade and as a Trauma Informed therapist, she was drawn to becoming an instructor in order to share this incredible therapeutic modality, proven to reduce anxiety and depression, something she has been helping people deal with for over 30 years. Debra's authentic care and concern is part of her recipe for an encouraging class.  

500 Hours Certification      June 2018

Autumn Spencer

Instructor/Social Media Manager

A stand-up comic, writer and nanny extraordinaire, Autumn "Autsie" Spencer found yoga when her mom entered hospice care. Having lost her father tragically, too Autsie found healing, love and most importantly, family. Autumn's intelligence and sense of humor are a recipe for an inspirational and motivating class. She'll have you cheering with your abs burning in IHP and reminding yourself how much you are loved at QCY during yoga.

500 Hours Certification      June 2018

Eoana Sturges, MPH


What to do after retiring from flying planes and public health? Go back to doing what brought you the most joy. Eoana brings a lifetime of physical activity and 12 years experience as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She used the Bikram method to heal her back and knee injuries and the low impact IHP classes to increase her strength and stamina. “Maintaining strength and flexibility are key to healthy aging, and the opportunity to have fun doing both is priceless.” Pronounced like Tijuana without the T and yes, she's Alex's mom!

Inferno Hot Pilates      September 2018

Kristen Eddy


Born and raised in VT, Kristen is a professional nanny with a degree in education and a minor in nutrition. Her love for exercise and adventure ranges from jumping out of planes to sweating in the Hot Room. Kristen's love and care for humankind is obvious in her presence and actions. She will push you to strive for your best in the hot room and in every day of your life.

200 Hour Certification 2016
Inferno Hot Pilates January 2019

Guest Teachers

Zoe Miller


Queen City is lucky to have Zoe, the owner of Bikram Yoga Stowe, on the weekly schedule.  A lifelong Vermonter with a teaching stint in NYC, the yoga has allowed Zoe to continue her love of running without injury.  Her accuracy coupled with her calmness make her weekly appearance a class you can't miss! Visit her at Bikram Yoga Stowe. Zoe is 37 weeks pregnant in this picture. See her again after maternity leave.


Mary Chudzik

Guest Senior Instructor

A ballerina for most of her life, Mary found Bikram yoga in 2001. Not only did the yoga help her heal her curled up ballerina toes, she has used it for over a decade to rehab from hip surgery, knee surgery, and pregnancy. Mary's Physical Therapy and Ballet Instructor professions make her classes informative and fun.

500 HOUR CERTIFICATION     June 2002