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The health and safety of our community is our number one priority. We rigorously sanitize our studio & equipment between each class. Please note the following Covid-protocol requirements:

✅ ALL classes MUST be pre-registered.
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✅ Vaxxed? Great! No mask required with proof of vaccination. Please bring your vax card with you to the studio & show it to our front desk staff.

✅ Not vaxxed? Please wear a mask at all times in the studio, including during class

Bring on the Heat! 🔥

Top 3 Reasons Heat will Transform Your Fitness! 🤩




$49 New Member First Month!

Grab our $49 New Member First Month and experience the powerful physical and emotional therapy the heat provides. Whether you're creating a new fitness routine or looking to level up, heat is the BEST tool. Warming your muscles increases circulation, improving balance, stamina, and strength. Click the button and get ready for MAJOR transformation!

$49 New Member First Month!

🤔 Is it Tabata or is it HIIT? 🤔

You've heard your QCYF instructors mention them both in class but what is the difference between Tabata and HIIT? 🧐

True Tabata training is a specific kind of high intensity – eight rounds of 20 seconds doing an exercise, and 10 seconds of rest. At QCYF, you’ll see us using this method in classes without weights. Because it requires a great amount of effort to hit maximum exhaustion in these short intervals, we use Tabata in easily repeated exercises like squats and burpees. 💥

Tabata is named for Dr. Izumi Tabata, who used this protocol in his 1996 study on athletes to see if it would improve the performance of competitive skaters. Dr. Tabata found it to have a profound effect on improving the speed of the skaters and, in fact, the skaters who started out in the worst condition improved the most. 🤩

Tabata improves athletic performance, glucose metabolism, and acts as an excellent catalyst for fat burning. The excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) effect of Tabata occurs immediately after the workout, so you keep burning calories long after class ends. 🔥

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is similar to Tabata because we work in high intensity intervals. Unlike Tabata, the timing of the intervals vary. HIIT allows us to easily add weights, vary our moves, and rest long enough to recover so we can go just as hard again.

HIIT works in a ratio format. In a 1:1 ratio, you’ll work hard for the same amount of time that you rest: 30 seconds on & 30 seconds off. In a 2:1 you rest half as long, and so on. There are a myriad of ratio variations in HIIT!

HIIT maximizes calorie burn in minimal time because it challenges the entire body in both strength and endurance through compound movements.

The health benefits of HIIT and Tabata are quite impressive. Studies from The American College of Sports Medicine reported the following results:

✅ Decreased resting blood pressure.

✅ Improved cardiovascular health through increased V02 max and a stronger, more efficient heart.

✅ Increased sensitivity to insulin, which helps bring glucose into the muscle cells.

✅ Decreased body fat, especially important for people with android fat distribution(the fat that deposits itself around the belly area).

✅ Decreased bad cholesterol (LDL) with an increase in good cholesterol (HDL).Whatever your athletic level, you’ll benefit in our Inferno HIIT/HIIT+ & HIIT Squad classes because all you have to do is reach your max to enjoy the benefits! Let’s go!👑


What’s not to love about High Intensity Interval Training? It’s the main ingredient of our Inferno HIIT, Inferno HIIT+, and HIIT Squad Classes. As the name suggests, it involves high intensity intervals to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your workout. HIIT has claimed so much well-earned fame because it’s such a powerful and effective way to transform your body.

What’s so awesome about our HIIT workouts? 🤔 ⬇️

💥 Burns calories and fat in a shorter period of time! Lots of us are pressed for time and HIIT is a perfect fit. Studies show that 15 minutes of HIIT burns more calories than an hour on a treadmill. In some HIIT classes, we do HIIT a circuit – equal to 30 minutes on a treadmill – four times during class!

💥 Lose fat and not muscle! Folks trying to lose weight with a cardio-only work out often lose muscle instead. HIIT involves weight training by using your body’s own weight for resistance during the movement. Therefore, the muscles continue to gain strength while the cardio burns the fat. Adding weights or bands to class increases resistance, which increases benefit.

💥 Builds endurance! When a muscle is stressed, it adapts and improves its function. This increases your endurance. You’ll notice in class that in a few weeks you can finish each set of burpees without a break, go faster in mountain climbers or increase your dumbbell weight!

💥 Effective Energy Use! During HIIT we go hard and then rest, again and again. During these intervals, your body learns how to recover efficiently and your body’s energy systems each take over to do their respective jobs. During rest, your body removes waste from your muscles and quickly gets your breath under control. These actions prep you to complete the next round with enough energy.

💥 Boost metabolism and Burn Calories for Hours! HIIT increases oxygen consumption. Also known as afterburn, EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) is the increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity. This excess oxygen consumed helps increase your rate of metabolism anywhere from three to 24 hours after a session of HIIT, so you burn more calories at a faster rate. 🍕Pizza anyone?

💥 Various Exercises! Our HIIT classes include a wide array of exercises so you get maximum benefit. Your instructors formulate the class to challenge you, keep you on your toes, and have fun while doing it. You’ll notice they vary the exercises, the time you work, and the time you rest for varied effect.

💥 Weights or no weights!! HIIT workouts utilize your own body weight or we add weights & bands. There are benefits to both. Your main focus in Inferno HIIT is getting your heart rate up before toning a particular muscle group. Inferno HIIT+ and HIIT Squad use weights and/or bands, so you’ll work on toning and heart rate. You’re always welcome to put the weight down in a weights class because the point is to hit your maximum, and do what’s best for your body.

💥 Improved Heart Health! HIIT cardio makes your heart more efficient by getting oxygen to the muscles more quickly. It puts less stress on your cardiorespiratory system than long intense cardio workouts. Your heart gets stronger so that it doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood. HIIT workouts increase your lung capacity and helps reduce your risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. When we use weights, we can easily increase the heart rate by getting them up over your head.

💥 Challenging For Everyone! At QCYF, we all exercise together because we can! HIIT workouts give beginners a quick way to see results and offer the seasoned athlete anew challenge and the ability to continually find the edge. Your teachers are constantly pushing you out of your comfort zone, so there’s always a new goal to strive toward and more endurance to build – no matter what your level!

What are you waiting for? Come give HIIT a try!


Before class, after class, and common mistakes.
Every day, a ton of information about food – all from different sources with conflicting views – is put right in front of our eyeballs whether we’re looking for it or not. Scroll any app for five seconds and there’s another ad for another protein powder, another pre-workout supplement, another energy bar, and another way to lose weight fast. Amidst the $60 billion dollar a year diet industry, things can get a little crazy and a little confusing. We’re here to help break it down and keep it simple!

At Queen City Yoga & Fitness, our Inferno HIIT and HIIT Squad classes are designed to stimulate your nervous system, temporarily raise your cortisol, increase your metabolism, generate a whole lotta sweat, and make your muscles burn.

Sounds like a lot, right? It IS a lot! That's exactly why you have to pay close, thoughtful attention to how you fuel your body before AND after class.

In order for you to maximize your HIIT workouts and transform your physical & mental health, you have to fuel your body. We're talking fuel that fills you up, nourishes you, tastes great, and regulates your blood sugar.

In short: You gotta eat. 🥑🍌🍗🥦🍒🥬🥚

"Hangry" (the combo of hungry + angry) often gets thrown around as a joke but it's no laughing matter. Hanger – big swings in blood sugar – causes stress, and that stress leads to hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disorders, and insulin sensitivity.

So, what & when should you eat?


If you take a HIIT class at 6:30AM, try to get in an easily digestible breakfast before class and then have the real one after. Yup, we're talking about a second breakfast, just like a hobbit. 🤓 The rare few can exercise first thing in the morning without any fuel, and the food from yesterday is long gone. Try eating something like overnight oats, a banana, or granola – these are easy and effective.

You may also need something like this before a mid-afternoon class because it’s been a few hours since lunch and dinner is far away.

If you take HIIT at any other time of the day, a regular full meal is appropriate. Think: Can this breakfast last me until lunch? Can this lunch last me until dinner? If you're not used to nourishing your body with full meals, this can take some time to figure out. You’ll know you hit that nourishment sweet spot when you aren’t snacking after breakfast and before lunch.

To make it simple, divide your plate into three parts. Half should be veggies like dark leafy greens and starchy veggies (ex: kale and sweet potatoes, spinach and parsnips) a quarter of your plate should be protein, and a quarter should be healthy fat. 🍱


Post-workout calls for a little extra protein – a protein shake is a GREAT idea because it'll help your muscles recover.

Did you know that it's best to avoid blueberries immediately after your workout? Your body creates antioxidants when you exercise, so when you give it blueberries (which are full of antioxidants) straight out of a HIIT session, this can cause catabolism – when your body breaks down the muscle proteins. You want to build those muscles up, so hit the protein! We're not cancelling blueberries. We LOVE blueberries! Just leave them out of your post-class protein shake. 🫐

Keep in mind that a post-class protein shake is exactly that. It's not a meal. This is really important so we'll repeat it: A protein shake is NOT a meal. It's in addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner... NOT instead of.


When it comes to fueling for HIIT, these are the most common mistakes we see:

Not sleeping enough: If you haven't gotten enough rest and you wake up tired, you haven't earned your HIIT workout. Trying to take a HIIT class while you're exhausted is a big NOPE. You need to be rested. For nearly all adults, this means a minimum of 7-8hours of restful sleep per night.

Not eating enough: If you're hungry when you show up for class, you'll feel your energy start to lag pretty quickly, you definitely won't be able to hit your max, and you might even straight-up bonk.

Trying to lose weight by operating at a severe calorie deficit: Despite what the diet industry tells us, under-eating and over-exercising is not sustainable. Eventually and inevitably, this combo leads to weight gain, muscle loss, gut & skin issues, and even autoimmune disorders.

Louder for the people in the back: You cannot starve your body and get stronger, faster, fitter, leaner, calmer, happier, and more content.

Remember: HIIT classes are designed to temporarily stress your body & increase cortisol. To handle it, you gotta be fueled, rested, and chill enough to ramp it out and then bring it on down to recover town. With sleep, fuel, and recovery, you'll reap all the benefits of your HIIT workout! �


Our instructors often hear questions about the heat:
🔥 What’s up with the heat?
🔥 How does the heating system work?
🔥 What does the heat do?

At Queen City Yoga & Fitness, we have a state-of-the-art heating system expertly designed by a mechanical engineer. We pull fresh air in, heat it, and then distribute it evenly throughout the room. We use an exhaust fan to gently pull out humidity and CO2 when needed. This way, we create a well-ventilated "hot room" and use the heat as a tool to facilitate therapy and transformation.

Maximized Circulation
Being in the hot room passively warms your body and this stimulates vasodilation (vs. hanging heaters above your head that actively heat objects and can destroy tissue and corneas).

Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels. The blood vessels in the muscles relax and widen, creating less resistance. This increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, decreases heart rate, and improves circulation. This increased and improved circulation delivers blood to your organs and muscles quickly, and helps remove waste just as fast.

Increased Happy Hormones
The heat also supports and nurtures your mental fitness. When you’re in class in the hot room, your body experiences the slightest stage of hyperthermia and your internal body temperature increases about .5 to 1.5 degrees. It’s just enough to stimulate the increase of your “happy hormones” like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. (Learn more about this awesomeness right here!)

Your Very Own A/C System
Adjusting to the hot room can take time for us Vermonters because, well, it’s cold in Vermont and we aren’t used to the heat. Luckily, your body has a natural cooling system called “thermoregulation.” This mechanism helps your body maintain a normal core temperature by cooling it down. Since your blood vessels are already dilated, this assists the body’s process. The more you practice in the hot room, the more efficient your thermoregulation becomes. (Note how much more easily you can handle those super hot, high humidity summer days!)

Helloooo, transformation!
When your body’s functions are optimal, everything is easier and transformation happens faster. Muscle contraction, balance, and focus all improve because your body isn’t stuck and distracted by trying to get the systems to work together, or just work at all.

This physical harmony enables you to work at your maximum every class, resulting in more change and growth at a faster pace. Each time you return, your body is capable of working harder than the last time. Extreme actions create extreme results!

However much transformation you seek, the heat is an incredibly powerful tool. Every time you’re in the hot room, enjoy the warmth, soak up all that therapy, and rest assured you’re taking excellent care of your physical and mental health.

🔥The science behind feeling great🔥

You’ve probably noticed you feel pretty amazing after taking class in the hot room, but...WHY?

The combination of exercise and heat increases the release of what we refer to as “happy hormones.” The heat increases the body’s internal temperature by about .5 - 1.5 degrees. This slight hyperthermia increases the production of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, and GABA.

Are you R.E.A.D.Y. for 2021??

2020 was a rough year, to say the least. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. We lost our momentum, good habits, and steady routines to a global pandemic. Some even lost jobs and, worst of all, loved ones. 

Businesses closed. Schools closed. Many of us became full-time homeschool teachers AND remote workers overnight. Some of us were more alone than we’ve ever been. Some of us were never alone – kids, partners, and pets always right there, always needing something from us. 

In 2020, we stopped being a priority in our own lives. We moved into survival mode – giving up the habits that keep us healthy – as we hunkered down to hold it all together. Though we did what we had to do, it has taken an enormous toll on our physical and mental well-being.

That's why we’ve created R.E.A.D.Y. 2021 – because it is definitely time to... Reset Everything And Delete last Year.

Deshawn and I have joined three other prominent New England studios to bring you this amazing eight week program! 

When you join R.E.A.D.Y. 2021, you will:
✅ Learn to integrate self care again. 
✅ Acquire new skills & tools to help you thrive.
✅ Reconnect with community. 
✅ Easily build habits that last.
✅ Feel motivated.
✅ Make yourself a priority.
✅ Stay committed to your goals

This 8-week program is simple and effective. Each week, you’ll get:
🎥 A video explaining the focus for that week.
🥣 A new recipe.
📒 A journal prompt.
🤓 An assignment. 

You can do as little or as much as you like!
(🔥 Hot tip: For each completed weekly assignment, you get a ticket for the raffle to win a 60-minute private lesson with Marla.)

Each of the four studio owners will cover themes in the areas of our various expertise – for instance:
⭐️ Creating a do-able morning routine to start your day right.
⭐️ Fueling your body to help prevent burnout.
⭐️ Developing healthy sleep habits. 
⭐️ Removing what doesn’t serve you.
⭐️ Managing stress with simple meditation.

We’ve created a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect and collaborate with other R.E.A.D.Y. participants from all four studios, take virtual classes together, ask all of your pressing questions, and tune in for a weekly theme-based forum.

Are you READY to start over? Click HERE and let’s do this! 

WHAT: R.E.A.D.Y 2021
WHERE: Private FB Group (content available until April 30)
WHEN: January 9 to March 05, 2021
COST: $99

Presenting Queen City 3.0!

Coming September 2020! 🌻

☀️ New In-Studio and Virtual Classes!    
☀️ New Video on Demand! 
☀️ New name! Check it out… ⬇️

We are QCY AF! 💥
Yup! You read that right! Welcome to...
👑 Queen City Yoga & Fitness 👑

Open House! Let’s party! 🎉

Our Commitment To You

Keeping students safe while they are with us remains at the center of each of those values. We are committed to keeping our studio safe and clean, while adhering to the highest ethical standards and following the most current VT state and CDC protocols. This includes, but is not limited to:

❤️🏚 5 Steps to A Home Practice 🏚 ❤️

When the health and safety of our community relies on you staying home, figuring out how to continue your hot fitness regimen can seem overwhelming. Queen City Yoga can easily guide you through 5 simple steps to a home practice so you increase your inner calm and health while staying put.


Amazing healing benefits and tips to ensure HOT YOGA class will work and heal your body!

1. Reduced Stress
2. Increased Flexibility
3. Improved Muscle Tone
4. Decreased Joint Pain
5. Increased Bone Density
6. Decreased Arthritic Pain
7. Decreased Back Pain


How  much  transformation are you looking for?

Join us January 08 to February 19
for this challenge that will cultivate healthy habits

How does it work?
👉Sign up by 6am January 08, 2020
👉Choose how many classes you’ll take during this 6-week challenge.
👉Put a star on the board for each class you take.
👉Get a raffle ticket for EVERY star.
🎉Be entered in the raffle: 2 PEOPLE  WIN 6 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED CLASSES🎉

💪7 Main Reasons Stretching is Vital to Your Health💪

Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy!That flexibility helps you maintain proper range of motion in your joints. Without that, the muscles shorten and become tight.  This puts you at risk for joint pain, strains, muscle damage and undo stress and tension.


1. Relieve Stress
2. Improve Digestion
3. Reduce Anxiety
4. Soothe Headaches
5. Improve Blood Flow
6. Decrease Muscle Soreness
7. Improve Posture


Saturday 11/30

Build-a-Bag Retail Sale
• buy 3 retail items=25% off/buy 4=30% off/ buy 5=35% off

Intro Special Sale
• buy the $30 for 30 Days Intro Special for $20 for any first timer

• includes 1 30 day intro pass, 1 yoga outfit, 1 yoga mat or towel

$89 Unlimited Auto Pay
• Join Auto pay for only $89/month with a minimum 6 month commitment

• good for 5 months

7:00 HOT YOGA Denise
9:30 IHP+ Autumn
11:30 Hot 26+ Ripley
1:30 pm IHP Kristen
3:30 HYE Alex

🙌🙌Frequency & Consistency🙌🙌


FREQUENCY is the quantity of which you do something.
CONSISTENCY is the accuracy of it. 
Sounds like a practice, huh?

Are you are looking for transformation, change or increased wellness? 
When beginning a hot fitness practice the first step is frequency.
The second step is consistency.



It’s fall! Let’s amp things up and get in a steady routine,
so you can feel your best. Shall we?

1. Decide your goal number of classes per week for October or the entire month!
2. Sign-up for the challenge: HERE
3. Get FREE entrance to Yoga Nidra Workshop with Malaika on 10/19 at 1pm
4. Be entered to win FREE classes for the rest of 2019! (3 winners chosen!)

Let’s Make it Happen! 

👑What’s in a Name?👑

Let’s call it Hot Yoga!
Hot Yoga=Bikram Method

The Bikram Method is the most powerful and therapeutic yoga in existence.

At Queen City Yoga, we will now call it Hot Yoga.

In 2001, after experiencing the profound therapeutic effects of my first Bikram Method class, I started practicing frequently and dedicated my life to becoming the best teacher possible.

I soon learned the yoga was named after the man who created it, Bikram Choudhury.  With the invention of the internet, this creation came under scrutiny. People who knew his upbringing claimed the system had existed and he just made it famous. Despite this disagreement, it is still the most therapeutic and effective yoga in existence.

Since Bikram started teaching this method in the US in 1970, he popularized the yoga and trained thousands of teachers and inspired all hot yoga in this country. There were rumors he had even started a franchise. Bikram had some personal problems. He made several terrible choices and was eventually accused of sexual assault.

Upon the last allegation, Queen City Bikram Yoga became Queen City Yoga. Having his name on a sign is remaining silent in the face of any survivor. We joined the Original Hot Yoga Association whose mission is to preserve and promote the therapeutic practice of Original Hot Yoga by creating and upholding standards.  We don’t support the Bikram Teacher training, however we will welcome any teacher who has attended it and upholds our standards, like myself. Despite the media attention, there is no franchise. In fact, I personally paid him in 2002 to train and again in 2007 for recertification.  I never gave him another dime.

We are a safe, trauma informed studio. This man has hurt many people, but he can’t take away our healing. In solidarity with victims, the importance of being trauma informed, and my personal decision in 2001 to help people transform with the most incredible yoga system in existence, QCY will now call our Bikram Method classes Hot Yoga.

Our focus is healing. We will do our best to continue our mission of helping as many people as possible feel better though awesome teaching, incredible support, and authentic communication. This is the most powerful yoga in existence.

The Original Hot Yoga Association

The Original Hot Yoga Association is on a mission to preserve and promote the therapeutic practice of Original Hot Yoga, by creating and upholding standards and resources for studios, teachers, classes, and trainings.  

OHYA is dedicated to moving the Original Hot Yoga community into the future. Our association of studios and teachers is the largest and most stringent resource for authentic Original Hot Yoga Studios around the world. Our board of credentialed instructors, owners, and service professionals vet studios to ensure they are meeting the highest of standards, so yoga enthusiasts to discover the real Original Hot Yoga with highly-trained instructors and traditional, therapeutic, 90-minute 26 & 2 classes.

✌Peace and Perseverance💪

Ah, yoga. It is known to help the mind. Pictures of meditating yogis and people who look to be at peace with themselves was all I’d seen before taking my first class in 2001 and I didn’t relate to them, at all. I was apprehensive to try my first yoga class because I was pretty sure I’d be do it wrong, I wouldn’t find peace, and I’d be uncomfortable.

💦I sure was uncomfortable in my first class, but I learned right away that I  could find this so-called mindfulness or state of meditation without sitting still. I could actually find it just by  attempting to focus while in a posture.  

💆The practice of Raja Yoga is to gain control of the mind and emotions. It can be achieved with any practice. At QCY, we refer to this as ✌Peace and Perseverance💪. It is the biggest gift I have given myself through the practice of yoga and pilates. It is with the most simplest things, that you can find peace within yourself and the strength to persevere. These are your 5 simple tools to find this incredible gift.

read more

😮Oh, My Aching Back!😮

80% of Americans suffer from back pain, Do you?
At QCY we field questions about back pain every single day. Feeling unsure about what to do is common and Hot Fitness can help you heal.
The 3 things you must do if your back hurts?
1. Physical Conditioning  
2. Reduce Stress  
3. Sleep

🍀You are in luck!🍀
At QCY we Physically Condition the body in EVERY class. The Number One reported change in adding yoga to your life is Reduced Stress and that increases Sleep.
Check out our video on Back Pain for more info!

🔥💪What Is Inferno Hot Pilates?💪🔥

You’ve probably heard Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) is a low impact HIIT workout. There is bumpin’ music and lights which makes it fun, but WHAT is it really all about?

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The yoga we teach is the most therapeutic and effective yoga that exists. If you’ve already tried the yoga, you’ve felt some of the immediate benefits like weight loss, better mood, increased sleep, increased range or motion or lower blood pressure. The yoga optimizes your body’s health and brings everything into homeostasis. Here I will break down the most common therapeutic side effects in this incredibly healing series.

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How do I lock my knee and why should I?

A straight leg is the foundation to several postures in the Bikram Method, the concept is simple and still I field the most questions in  regards to it. It’s all about your buns!

You should lock your knee because it is anatomically the safest and most therapeutic position for all of your leg joints. In particular, it  creates eustress (beneficial stress) for the knee joint.

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Our Vision, Mission and The Royal Code


An authentic community of compassionate people who feel content with themselves.


At Queen City Yoga we help as many people as possible feel better through awesome teaching, incredible support, and authentic communication.


Honesty- Always be fair and straightforward.
Community- Honor the pursuit of our shared interest.
Equality- Maintain equal status, rights and opportunities for all humans.
Vulnerability- Be courageous and open.
Discipline- Follow the Royal Code without hesitation.
Love- Express great interest and pleasure whenever possible.

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” – Brene Brown


I agree to follow this code because I want to be an active part of this royal community and help improve my life and the lives around me.

1. Sign in at the desk before entering the Hot Room.  
2. Make room for your friends in the Hot Room (make 5 rows of 12 and keep the French doors a mat free zone)  
3. Be ready to sweat and on your mat before your teacher enters the Hot Room (in the rare case that you are late, come in quietly and we will happily make room for you).  
4. Stay on your mat until your teacher exits (in the rare case that you need to leave early, let your teacher know and we will teach you how to do this for maximum benefit).  
5. Rinse in the shower for 2 minutes maximum (your friends are waiting)  
6. Smiling helps new people who are nervous feel welcomed (never use a face that would scare small children)  
7. Ask for Help (we can solve nearly anything!)

What’s up with the Heat?

Since I began teaching Hot Yoga in 2002, I’ve been asked about the heat.
Why the heat?
Does it have to be this hot?
What’s up with the heat?

The heat is a tool we use to facilitate therapy.

At Queen City we have a state-of-the-art heating system.  We pull fresh air in, heat it, and then distribute it evenly throughout the room. We use an exhaust fan to pull out humidity and CO2 when needed.  This way, we create a “Hot Room” to passively warm your body and stimulate vasodilation versus hanging heaters above your head that heat objects (like bodies and water bottles) and destroy tissue and corneas.

Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels.  The muscles in the blood vessels relax and widen, thus creating less resistance.  This increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and heart rate and increases circulation. Increased circulation gets blood to areas quickly and helps remove waste just as fast. All of this optimizes your body’s function. We’ve got therapy folks!

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Healthy Habits Challenge 2019

How  much  transformation are you looking for?

Join us January 09 to February 19 for this challenge that will cultivate healthy habits.
How does it work?
Sign up by 6am January 09.
Choose how many classes you’ll take during this 6-week challenge.
Put a star on the board for each class you take.
Get a raffle ticket for EVERY star.
Be entered in the raffle to WIN a YEAR of UNLIMITED YOGA & PILATES!

sign up

This entrance fee includes 3 workshops:
Hot Exercise Nutrition
Yoga Posture Anatomy.
Accurate IHP Exercises.
*Classes not included

OPEN HOUSE Saturday 01/05/19


register now

Here comes the New Year!

Get ready to feel AWESOME!!

OPEN HOUSE Saturday 01/05/19

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7:00 am Bikram Method Hot Yoga
9:00 am Inferno Hot Pilates
11:00 am Bikram Method Hot Yoga
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Help! They're so hard!!

October 15, 2018

(It's not a yoga bridge. That's a backbend!)

Bridges make your butt and abs strong which helps heal back pain.  They are the number one exercise used to heal distal and proximal hamstring injuries, like pulls, tears and even tendinopathy. Bridges strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, abs, pelvic floor and triceps muscles without any pulling, jarring, or high impact.  For many of us, it's the first time we find our pelvic floor.  I'll break it down to make it easier for you to do in class!

6 keys to bridges:
1.Maintain a neutral spine
2. Keep your feet under your knees
3. Engage your pelvic floor (pee muscle)
4. Use lateral breathing to maintain your abdominal contraction (squeeze from your pubic bone to your ribs)
5. Squeeze your glutes (buns tight)
6. Keep your shoulder blades ON THE FLOOR

Exhale Up.                               Inhale Down.
Lift.                                             Lower.  
Raise.                                         Hover.
Squeeze at the top.              Squeeze at the bottom.

No back bend.  Keep Your shoulder blades on the floor. Neutral Spine.


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Small Business Saturday is on and poppin' on Saturday, November 24th. Join us for free classes and special sales the Saturday after Thanksgiving!

We love you all so much and are excited to show our gratitude to this amazing yoga community by offering free classes for you and your friends and family and special discounts on gift cards and accessories.

OPEN HOUSE Saturday 11/24
Build-a-basket Retail and Gift Card Sale
Annual Membership Sale- $1105- 10 ONLY!
Intro Special Sale- $20

Save your spot in the free classes below!

9:30 Bikram Method Marla
12 pm Inferno Hot Pilates Autumn
2:00 pm Hot 26+ Alex


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ONLY 10 OF THESE FOR SALE--Annual Membership Sale- $1105- includes a private lesson/15% off retail/1 Waymat--ONLY 10 OF THESE FOR SALE

Intro Special Sale-
Buy the $30 for 30 Days Intro Special for $20 for any first timer



September 18, 2018


Give me 30 days, I’ll change your body.  Give me 60 days. I’ll change your life.”

Here’s the truth about transformation no one wants to tell you.

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How Do I Hydrate?

September 4, 2018

Being hydrated is a way to prepare for yoga and pilates classes.  If you are pounding water before class STOP! These 3 things will help you!

1. USE YOUR CHANGE PURSE!  What? Yeah.  My gramma always told me to keep my change in a change purse and I’d always have a “little something” if I was short on cash.  Water works in a similar way! How? Well, it takes about 60-70 minutes for water to hit your organs and be ready for use.  If you pound water before class, your body can’t even use it until you’re almost done. Put the water in WAY before. Start the night before class and/or during the day before you go.  That way your body has plenty of water to function when you add intense exercise. When you reach for your change purse, you want to hear it jingle.

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QUEEN CITY 2.0 OPEN HOUSE 9/15 & 9/16

August 31, 2018

Saturday 9/15 & Sunday 9/16

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Optimized Pricing Starts 09/03/18
Wait, what about the membership I’m on?

August 23, 2018


Everyone?? Yes, you’ve got 2 weeks to let me know:
I want in on this rad deal! $89/month!

‍$99 Auto Membership is going out with the fanny pack this year!  We all love a good fanny pack, but it’s time to let it go.  If you just love your existing membership you’re  grandfathered in, so nothing will change, BUT we also have an AWESOME DEAL for you…

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Presenting Queen City 2.0

August 14, 2018

Queen City is bringing you more and bringing you our best.  We are adding 7 Inferno Hot Pilates and 2 Hot 26+ classes to our schedule on September 3.  We are adding Optimized Pricing by giving everyone the opportunity to Opt-in to our SPECIAL Auto Membership: $89/month.  Lock in by 09/16/18 and it’s yours!  It includes 15% off retail always, free childcare, $10 drop-in for your teens, and 3 buddy passes at time of purchase. Can be put on hold one time for 30 days EVERY year!
New Classes.  New Schedule. Optimized Pricing. Beginning September 3, 2018

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage." — Brene Brown

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It’s funny how we grow from confident kids trying new things to insecure adults with the greatest excuses to let our health go down the tubes. Queen City Yoga & Pilates easily gets you back in shape and feeling confident with doable hot fitness classes that give you immediate results. Let’s do this!

✅Grab your Intro Pass Online
$30 for 30 Days is the best way to start. Try all of our classes, adjust to the heat, and feel great ASAP. Get a free mat and yoga towel rental with the pass.

✅Book your first class
Go to the schedule and sign up for ANY of our classes. Because of our in depth teaching, beginners can go to any class!

✅Grab some light weight clothes
The most effective tool for begginers is the heat. It’s 95 to 105 degrees in the room to facilitate maximum physical capacity. Wear clothes that allow for sweating or come early and grab something new from our Royal Boutique.

✅Show up 10 minutes before class starts
Our awesome staff is ready to show you around and answer any questions.. No yoga mat? No problem. When you buy an Intro pass you get a free yoga mat and towel rental! We have showers and changing rooms, too!

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