❤️🏚 5 Steps to A Home Practice🏚 ❤️

When the health and safety of our community relies on you staying home, figuring out how to continue your hot fitness regimen can seem overwhelming. Queen City Yoga can easily guide you through 5 simple steps to a home practice so you increase your inner calm and health while staying put.

1. Find your motivation:
Are you someone who is motivated by your commitment to yourself or your commitment to others? 
a. If you are committed to upholding agreements to yourself, make a schedule of 3-4 times per week to practice and put it in your calendar with an alarm reminder.
b. If you’re committed to upholding agreements with others, make your schedule with a friend or family member or simply state your plan to that person.  

2. Gather what you need:
a. Be sure you have a mat, towel, water bottle, weights and a band. If those things aren’t at home, get a special towel, skip the band, and grab some jars of pasta or cans of beans.
b. Pick an outfit that you only wear to practice, Every time you see it or wash it, you’ll be reminded of your commitment.
c. Keep these things together in a drawer, on the dryer, or in your practice spot. 

3. Find your Special Spot:
a. Where can you practice? In the bathroom or living room? Maybe the bedroom or hallway? Where feels best?
b. Be sure you’ve got room. If you need to push the chair out of the way, do it before you start the video.
c. Find a place to put your computer, phone, ipad or tunes. Be sure you can see the screen and hear the teacher. 

4. Hit Play:
a. Press play and then let what happens happen. Keep going even if the phone rings or someone walks in. If you have to get the cat out finally because she just won't stop crying, do it, and come right back. 
b. No matter what happens, finish it. Whether you fall out or miss a set, join back in. Keep going. 

5. Finish in Savasana:          
a. When the class ends. Lie down. Close your session by reminding your brain and body of what you just did and how good you feel. It’ll make doing it again easier.
b. No matter what you were able to do today, it was perfect. It was enough. You are enough.