Our Commitment To You

Keeping students safe while they are with us remains at the center of each of those values. We are committed to keeping our studio safe and clean, while adhering to the highest ethical standards and following the most current VT state and CDC protocols. This includes, but is not limited to:

Daily Cleaning:
We have a crew of cleaners whose sole purpose is to ensure that our studio is a sparkling space of respite every time you walkthrough our doors. We clean our studio from top to bottom several times a day, every day. We joyfully and relentlessly sanitize all surfaces according to the most current CDC guidelines. Our hot room floors, mirrors, and doors are cleaned and sanitized after every class.

Daily Screening & Sanitize:
Every student, every class must pass a COVID-19 symptom check and sanitize their hands immediately upon entry. All QCY instructors are required to do this as well – every class, every day.

Post-Class Sanitization:
After every-class, all surfaces are sanitized with a 70% isopropyl alcohol, the laboratory standard for eliminating pathogens. Every door handle, flat surface, knob, light switch, sink faucet, every single free weight, and even the sanitizer bottles themselves are all thoroughly sanitized after every class, every day.  

Smaller Class Sizes:
We are currently operating at a reduced in-person class capacity in accordance with Vermont state and CDC guidelines. Students must maintain 6-feet apart at all times, anywhere in the building. In the hot room, mat spaces are clearly marked to allow for a minimum of 6-feet distance between students.