🙌🙌Frequency & Consistency🙌🙌


FREQUENCY is the quantity of which you do something.
CONSISTENCY is the accuracy of it. 
Sounds like a practice, huh?

Are you are looking for transformation, change or increased wellness? 
When beginning a hot fitness practice the first step is frequency.
The second step is consistency.


1. 🤔Create a doable schedule!
In order to feel successful, we need to do something achievable. Take a look at your schedule and identify what is actually possible. Do you have a lunch break? Can you get up early one day per week? How many times per week will work and how much is really not possible? You do have the time to make room for your own health, so start with something doable.

2. Ask for Help!
Do you have a partner? Kids? A dog? Friends? Ask the folks around you for support. Can someone walk the dog so you can hit the early bird once per week? Can someone make dinner or get the kids so you can practice after work? Is there someone that wants to take class with you that you can meet up with once per week?

3. Sign Up!
It’s 2019! We have auto reminders! Sign up for class and you’ll receive auto emails to remind you of your schedule and they integrate with your calendar. You create an appointment with yourself that you can’t miss!

4. Show Up!
Get to the studio and show up for yourself. Again and again. Take class again and again. No matter what you feel, show up for yourself.

Anyone can live a full and vibrant life by practicing hot fitness at QCY because our classes are physically and emotionally therapeutic.