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COVID 19 Update: We are temporarily closed to the public and offering live on-line classes only. Contact us at hello@queencityogavt.com with questions.

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November 26

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All Classes are suitable for beginners

Sign up here for any of our class offerings. The more often you take class, the more quickly your transformation occurs. There is no requirement to take class.  You are welcome at every class. Come as you are and let your health unfold. Start feeling better today!

Studio is open 30 mins before class, EXCEPT the early classes, only 15 mins before.



Too many of us walk around feeling disconnected. Stress, injury, illness and life’s woes can make you feel like a stranger in your own battleground of a body.

At Queen City Yoga we believe you can heal your body and mind and live a pain free life. That’s why we offer original Hot Yoga. It’s the most accessible, effective and therapeutic method of yoga in existence.

It’s scientifically designed to help you access movement and increase function in your entire body, so you can crush life.

This class is designed for the new and the experienced and is easily modified. You will leave feeling hopeful, happy and capable to take whatever is thrown at you and get after your goals for years to come!

Inferno Hot

Knowing which exercise is right for you can be confusing when we are surrounded by information. That’s why a Queen City Yoga we bring you long standing and scientifically proven methods of exercise and movement. Ready to get fit fast with a smile? Using Pilates principles  and the research of Dr. Izumi Tabata, Inferno Hot Pilates is the most effective way to get in shape....fast and with a smile!

The class is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) yet low impact, so you can burn fat, get your heart rate up and take good care of your joints.This class has a fun, party vibe with loud inspirational music, club lighting and a pumped up teacher to take you to your edge. You’ll leave this class feeling proud, challenged and ready to crush life!

Hot Yoga Essentials

Busy is the buzz word! And it makes it simple for us to tend to everything and everyone else, but ourselves. Sound familiar? Then Hot Yoga Essentials is a fit for you. Finding time to fit yourself in just got easier. We take our original Hot Yoga class and break down to an hour of just what you need. come take a  break with us!

Hot Yoga Plus

Tuning in to your body can seem like a confusing chore when so much is being thrown at you. Hot Yoga Plus is here to figure it all out for you. This class builds on our original Hot Yoga by adding posture variations, meditative music and cueing with the lovely touch of low mood lighting. These additions easily allow for you to take it down a notch and connect to yourself. Throw out the stress, tune in to your body, and see what happens.

IHP Plus

Everyone knows that lifting weights is good for your heart and your bones, but who has the time or the motivation? Weights at the gym are overwhelming and where do you start? Right here at QCY! We take the transformative Inferno class and add weights and bands to get you in the best shape of your life! Bumping tunes, club lights and motivation help you walk away feeling elated and strong. The class can be tailored to suit your needs. Get ready to feel your best!

HYE Plus

When you LOVE Hot Yoga+ and just can't find the time for it, HYE+ is here for you. We take Hot Yoga     Essentials to the next level with some lo-fi beats, mood lighting and added twists and turns. Your teacher will guide you easily through the Hot Yoga+ series in a fun and fulfilling flow.

Lunchtime yoga never felt so good! Get ready for a full body love sess.

Hot Beats

Not a lot of time, but craving the 2 sets? This is yoga therapy with a chill vibe. We mashed up our classic Hot Yoga class with music so you can relax, destress and feel better in 60 minutes. Minimal instruction, motivating music and mood lighting. Join us for an hour of bliss.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Pre-registered classes cancelled within 5 hours of class incur a $5 fee. No shows will be charged $10.

WAITLIST: You will receive an email/text when you have made it into class. If you receive this message within 5 hours of class and can't attend, the cancellation policy does NOT apply.