👑What’s in a Name?👑

Let’s call it Hot Yoga!
Hot Yoga=Bikram Method

The Bikram Method is the most powerful and therapeutic yoga in existence.

At Queen City Yoga, we will now call it Hot Yoga.

In 2001, after experiencing the profound therapeutic effects of my first Bikram Method class, I started practicing frequently and dedicated my life to becoming the best teacher possible.

I soon learned the yoga was named after the man who created it, Bikram Choudhury.  With the invention of the internet, this creation came under scrutiny. People who knew his upbringing claimed the system had existed and he just made it famous. Despite this disagreement, it is still the most therapeutic and effective yoga in existence.

Since Bikram started teaching this method in the US in 1970, he popularized the yoga and trained thousands of teachers and inspired all hot yoga in this country. There were rumors he had even started a franchise. Bikram had some personal problems. He made several terrible choices and was eventually accused of sexual assault.

Upon the last allegation, Queen City Bikram Yoga became Queen City Yoga. Having his name on a sign is remaining silent in the face of any survivor. We joined the Original Hot Yoga Association whose mission is to preserve and promote the therapeutic practice of Original Hot Yoga by creating and upholding standards.  We don’t support the Bikram Teacher training, however we will welcome any teacher who has attended it and upholds our standards, like myself. Despite the media attention, there is no franchise. In fact, I personally paid him in 2002 to train and again in 2007 for recertification.  I never gave him another dime.

We are a safe, trauma informed studio. This man has hurt many people, but he can’t take away our healing. In solidarity with victims, the importance of being trauma informed, and my personal decision in 2001 to help people transform with the most incredible yoga system in existence, QCY will now call our Bikram Method classes Hot Yoga.

Our focus is healing. We will do our best to continue our mission of helping as many people as possible feel better though awesome teaching, incredible support, and authentic communication. This is the most powerful yoga in existence.